The Silhouette Cameo - All You Need To Know

Published: 17th January 2012
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Does the trade name, silhouette cameo sound peculiar or natural to you? Whichever it is, there is undoubtedly every possibility that you know little or nothing about this special gadget. Initially, you need to recognize that the cameo is a digital cutting machine which may be employed for private and profit-making purposes. It is primarily taken advantage of by people in the business of crafting vinyl. similar to your home ink-jet printer, it is very easily plugged and connected to your personal computer through the use of USB cable. This machine is capable of not only registering printed materials but also cutting such materials in capacities of 12 inches or less in width.

How does the silhouette cameo do all this? It achieves this by means of the silhouette software, home printer and the accompanying cameo. The cameo is not limitted to cutting solely materials printed from vinyl, it even cuts fabric, cardstock, paper etc.. There are a range of features associated with the cameo machine and they will be explained one after the other. This includes the following:

Cutting: With the silhouette cameo, you're certain of media cuttings of up to 12 inches and exactly what this means for you is that you no longer have to sweat to manually cut your 12 inches by 12 inches scrapbooking paper again. Not only this, even anytime you have larger sized tasks, the cutter is there in order to help you complete it with no worry.

Adjustable blade: Yes, with this latest model of the cameo, it has adjustable blade as against the known three blades which the older versions were known for. Based on that, you have the ability to rightly adjust the blade, the angle along with position dependant on the style of media you choose to cut. Just how do you do this? By rotating the dial to the size you want to cut.

Adjustable rollers: These rollers work by way of smoothly guiding the media you wish to cut into the machine. Unlike the other types of appliances where you need to load and unload severally in order to get the media adequately regulated, the rollers on the silhouette cameo do all this work for you. Also, whenever the media is stuck in the mechanism, you don't have to pull it, all you need do is loosen the lever and see the media leisurely slide out.

The pause button: This is very handy in the nick of time anytime you realize that the media is not appropriately fed or that the cutting is not actually the way you choose it. In all, the pause button saves you time and the frustration arising from having your media decimated on account of improper feeding of the media at first.

Little or no noise: Being the final but not the least on some of the attributes of the splendid cutting machine, in contrast to the typical cutting machines, the cameo creates very little racket while it is carrying out its activities.

Currently there are multiple things you should really look out for in your silhouette cameo product. They include the following: Silhouette electronic cutting machine. 12 inches cutting mat. USB cable and Power cable. Silhouette Studio software that matches with Windows Vista/XP/7 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher. 51 exclusive designs. Basic Instruction guide. $ 10.00 gift card to be used on the Silhouette online store.

Now that you understand all this in respect to the silhouette cameo, would you wait for another moment to have your very own cutting machine which supplies you cutting easily and less stress compared to other types of cutting machine? It is a beauty to behold and a machine to have, yes, the silhouette cameo is.


The Silhouette Cameo is revolutionary to the vinyl cutting industry. With it's wide 12" ability and no restrictive cartridges, just great flexible software, the Cameo is a force to be reconned with. Get your cameo today at

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